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LIFE II Painting Our Wedding Ceremony

Desert 2 District Design II Painting our Wedding Ceremony

Desert 2 District Design II Painting our Wedding Ceremony

My guy and I are celebrating a special day today--our wedding anniversary! 

Desert 2 District Design II wedding photos (taken by Studio 19 Photography)

Two years have really flown by, but I can still perfectly remember the sunshine, the slight breeze and the butterflies in my stomach on our wedding day when I saw this view filled with our friends and family and M waiting for me under the arch my dad built. I wanted to do something special to celebrate and re-create our wedding ceremony space in paint. I had been thinking recently that I've never actually painted anything for him. Many of my friends and family are probably getting sick of the number of paintings and handmade gifts I've given them over the years, but since the two of us have been together so long and share finances, we tend to travel in lieu of gifts. But this year, I decided to do something special and I have to say that I get the same little butterflies in my stomach every time I pass this on the wall. It reminds me of our beautiful day in the desert two years go.

I meant to create a process video, but did remember to take at least a few process photos so you can see the scene materialize. 

I tried my hardest to keep this a secret from M, but (1) I'm terrible I keeping surprises and (2) we share a small apartment and my small space studio is directly in front of the door to our bedroom, so he knew about halfway through the painting, but he was really touched and we're both happy to have such a special day memorialized in paint.