LOCAL II Drawing Night with The Lemon Collective on 2/27

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TLC Drawing Night

2/27/19 at She Loves me

I’m so excited to be joining the amazing local girl gang behind The Lemon Collective for drawing night on February 27! This is literally a dream come true as I’ve been following their work since I moved to D.C. I hope you’ll join me in Holley’s beautiful new space on the 27th!

I’ll will guide the group through a series of plant still life arrangements at She Loves Me, a flower shop in Petworth, featuring a variety of fabrics, textures, and, of course, cacti. We'll start quickly, with 1 minute drawings to warm up, and then increase the time you have to sketch each arrangement as the night progresses.

Tickets: $10 

Sign up here!

NO DRAWING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. This is a fun relaxed evening of casual drawing with people you might know, people you've just heard of, people you've stalked on instagram, and perfect strangers. IT'S GOING TO GREAT.





This week’s D.C. illustration is one of my favorite fast casual spots in the city: Shouk!

Desert 2 District Design II Shouk Restaurant in Washington, D.C.

Desert 2 District Design II Shouk Restaurant in Washington, D.C.

Shouk serves modern Israeli street food and all of it happens to be vegan. There are so many delicious items, but a few of my favorites are the cauliflower bowl, breakfast bowl (featuring an “omelet” made from chickpeas) and the chopped salad. The polenta fries are also delicious and unique. If you like spice, their Harissa sauce is a great addition to any of their dishes. 

The location I illustrated is their original, located on K Street NW, in between 6th and 7th. They also recently opened a location in Union Market. Let me know if you check them out! 



LOCAL II Elizabeth’s Gone Raw

This week’s D.C. illustration is a new favorite of mine—Elizabeth’s Gone Raw

Ever since I went vegan about a year ago, I have been wanting to try this restaurant, which offers a raw vegan tasting menu every Friday. We celebrated two years as D.C. condo owners in June and Elizabeth’s Gone Raw was the perfect place to celebrate.


Desert 2 District Design II Elizabeth’s Gone Raw illustration

I was totally blown away by each course. My non-vegan husband was equally impressed by the variety and depth of flavors throughout our meal. The setting is also very classic, yet homey, and the service is exceptional. I can’t wait to go back and think this will be my go-to celebration spot from now on.  

Scroll through a few of the dishes we were served during our visit. The menu changes constantly so you’ll always be trying something new with each visit. Thank you for a beautiful meal, Elizabeth’s Gone Raw! 




Weekly D.C. illustrations are back and I’m starting off with one of my neighborhood favorites— SUNdeVICH!

Desert 2 District II SUNdeVICH sandwich shop in Washington, D.C. 

Desert 2 District II SUNdeVICH sandwich shop in Washington, D.C. 

Although our neighborhood has a great selection of higher-end eateries and bars, there are a limited number of fast casual or takeout places. Luckily, the small selection we do have is excellent and that includes this neighborhood sandwich shop. As a plant-based eater, the menu options for me are a little limited, but I LOVE the veggie options they do have. I almost always order the Cairo, which has hummus, cucumber, brined veggies and walnuts. It. Is. Delicious. I have been assured by my omnivore husband that the meat options here are also excellent, so there’s something for everyone. 

I also appreciate that SUNdeVICH works to keep things local, with local, fresh-baked bread and locally-sourced produce and meat. They even have their own veggie and herb garden on their roof. 

Have you been? If so, what’s your favorite sandwich? I also love getting your recommendations!