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STYLE II Phoenix Long Weekend Trip

Phoenix Trip Packing list - illustration by Heidi Nielson of Desert 2 District Design

Phoenix Trip Packing list - illustration by Heidi Nielson of Desert 2 District Design

I've been illustrating my packing lists for a while now and it is one of my favorite traditions. I used to hate packing, but now I kind of look forward to it because it helps me visualize my outfits and gives me an excuse to draw tiny clothes and traveling essentials. 

The last time I posted one, one of my lovely Insta friends suggested that I post some outfit pictures from my travels to see how I styled the clothes I packed. I didn't have time to do all of my outfits from my trip to Phoenix, but my long-suffering husband took photos a couple photos for me. So here goes... facing my fear of having my picture taken head on!


NO 1

Here's a second picture to see the full outfit.

I like to travel with separates that all pair together so I can reuse pieces. I ended up wearing these boots twice and the vest twice. The boots are thrifted from Goodwill, the vest is thrifted from ThredUp (similar here, this is seriously one of my favorite sites EVER), and the dress is from asos (purchased a while ago, it doesn't look like it's available anymore). 

The weather in Arizona was just beautiful. Definitely makes me miss the desert. I certainly can't wear this type of outfit (at least without a coat and tights) in D.C. this time of year!



NO 2

We spent a wonderful, beautifully warm and clear day with my family out in the desert. My family is very into the outdoors and adventure so we spent the day riding ATVs, hiking around, doing archery (my family has some interesting hobbies to say the least) and making food surrounded by the Superstition Mountains. It was FANTASTIC.

I wanted something comfortable, but still stylish and unique. Poppy Apparel totally delivered with this super versatile jumpsuit. I seriously wear it all the time--it's so comfortable. It looks like it's also not available anymore, but if you want to check out their other clothes, I actually have a discount code for you all! Use code "desert2district" to get 10% off your order. In addition to this jumpsuit, I got an adorable high-waisted swimsuit that I can't wait to take on our next trip. 

Thanks for tuning in for my first style post! What are your thoughts--packing list or no packing list?