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LOCAL II Farmers & Distillers Spotlight

Desert 2 District Design II Farmers & Distillers illustration

This week's spotlight is a new favorite of mine. This company has multiple D.C. location, but each one is unique, and the one I like best and that happens to be in my neighborhood is Farmers & Distillers

The company itself is very unique, with an emphasis on family farms and sustainability. The company is majority-owned by family farmers. At this new location, there is also a craft distillery and they serve signature cocktails with their own liquors that are made on-site in the middle of the city. Farmers & Distillers is located on Massachusetts Avenue NW near Chinatown in Washington, D.C. 

My Impossible Burger, complete with vegan bun!

My Impossible Burger, complete with vegan bun!

One major reason I've become obsessed with this restaurant is that they are one of the few locations in the city that serve the Impossible Burger. As a fairly new vegan, I still have meat cravings every now and then, and this "burger," which is made completely from plants, TOTALLY satisfies it. Even my omnivore husband prefers it to their regular burgers. It is so. good. And it makes me happy that this restaurant serves it and is has created a menu that can also cater to people with different dietary restrictions. I highly recommend trying it, but even if you're not interested, Farmers & Distillers has a huge, delicious menu, which makes it the perfect place to go with bigger groups or to take people from out of town. Let me know if you go and, in particular, if you try the Impossible Burger while you're there!