LOCAL II Olde City Farm & Garden Spotlight

Desert 2 District Design II Olde City Farm and Garden

Desert 2 District Design II Olde City Farm and Garden

The first day of spring was earlier this week and, even though it snowed that day, it got me excited to visit one of my favorite places in D.C.--Olde City Farm & Garden.

The farm and garden, located on Rhode Island Ave. NW in Shaw, is the perfect outdoor oasis in the middle of the city. I love to go there get away from city life and wander the rows and rows of plants. It's a large space that's full of all kinds of plants--from vegetables to flowers to trees for your landscaping project--and extremely knowledgeable and kind staff. They love what they do and it shows. Their selection also changes with the seasons so you can get pumpkins in the fall and a fresh Christmas tree in the winter. 

They also are a wonderful community space as well and they host all kinds of fun events, including yoga classes and arts festivals. You can find me there a few times a year during their festivals, along with other awesome D.C. creatives and local businesses. I'll be updating my fairs & events page with upcoming events soon if you'd like to follow along. 

The farm and garden is still closed for the winter, but you won't have to wait long to visit. They reopen at 9am on March 31st. Can't wait to stock up for my spring garden!



LOCAL II Shaw Yoga Spotlight

Desert 2 District Design II Shaw Yoga Spotlight

Desert 2 District Design II Shaw Yoga Spotlight

I'm starting a new series that I'm really excited about--each Saturday I'll illustrate one of my favorite D.C. small businesses and share about it here. My business is still a baby, but I've been so overwhelmed by how supportive and amazing the small business and art communities in D.C. are so I want to keep spreading the love.

First up... Shaw Yoga!

This place has become my yoga home. We're lucky in D.C. that there are so many great studios and teachers to choose from. Before I found this studio, I bounced around from studio to studio, trying out their new member specials (most studios have a 1-2 week special price for new students) or hopping around via Classpass. I started at SY in a similar way, purchasing their new member special ($20 for 2 weeks of unlimited yoga!) and I was hooked. There's something so special about the teachers here and the community that the owners, Parker and Liz, have built. I've been going to classes, volunteering (even updating the chalkboards!), and making friends, there for over a year now and it has truly become a home away from home for me. 

If you're a fellow yogi or aspiring yogi, I highly recommend checking out this studio. They are tucked away in the cutest alley, Naylor Court, off of 9th Street NW, between N and O, across from Sundevich. If you're on 9th, turn left into the alley before you get to A&D.

I painted their illustration before they got their beautiful mural (painted by the talented Billy Colbert), but you won't be able to miss Ganesh welcoming you to the studio!




2/18: DIY Tiny Space Art Studio

Desert 2 District Design II DIY art studio


Tiny Space Art Studio

Guys, I cannot tell you how excited I am to be checking this off of my 18 in 2018 list! Thank you, Gretchen Rubin, for the idea of creating this list because it has seriously motivated me to work on all kinds of things I have been putting off. I FINALLY have my own, dedicated art space and it is just such a joy. I had put this off for a long time because I didn't think we could possibly have space for me to have a "studio." We live in a 760 square foot, 1 bedroom condo in D.C., so I was pretty certain there was no chance. But, we had a blank wall leading into our bedroom. When I started painting bigger pieces that didn't fit on my music stand or kitchen table, I would sit on the floor there and lean the canvas against the wall and I started to think that I could really fit everything I needed right on this wall if I just used the space wisely. I am SO incredibly happy with the outcome. I love having my supplies accessible, but organized. I love just seeing this space every time I walk by. It keeps me motivated to paint every day and I look forward to being here at the end of each day so much. 

My husband and I (labor was 99% my husband, but I consider myself the brains behind this design) were also able to put this together in a weekend, so it was relatively simple. The total cost of supplies was around $120, and we have some extra wood from the shelf that we'll be using for upcoming projects. 

Desert 2 District Design II Tiny Space Art Studio

Desert 2 District Design II Tiny Space Art Studio


  • Wall-mounted drop-leaf desk (we purchased this one)
  • 2x6 board, cut to the length you want (ours is 32 inches)
  • 2 brackets and screws (we got these)
  • dowel, cut to the length of your shelf (we got a 3/4 inch wide dowel)
  • 3 screw eyes that fit around your dowel
  • S hooks that fit your dowel for hanging your supplies
  • sandpaper
  • sealer or wood stain


Mount your drop-leaf desk. I have seen projects to make your own, but given that it was relatively inexpensive, we decided to buy ours and followed the instructions that came with the packaging to install it. I like to work standing up so I had M mount it so I could comfortably reach everything while standing barefoot, but you could easily set yours up to chair height.


Gather your supplies and have the hardware store cut down your dowel and board to the length you want. 

Desert 2 District Design II Tiny Space Art Studio

Desert 2 District Design II Tiny Space Art Studio


Sand your board and apply a sealant. I just used some matte spray that I already had. You could also stain it if you prefer that look.


Mount your shelf, using the two brackets and screws. M pre-drilled the holes and then used an electric screwdriver to mount everything to the wall. He also used a level to make sure everything was even.


Screw the screw eyes into the bottom of the shelf where you want the bar to be. It helps to pre-drill these holes as well if you have an electric drill. Add the dowel. You should be able to slide it through easily.


Add the S hooks and your supplies. Now get creating!

Desert 2 District Design II Tiny Space Art Studio

Heading back to the studio...

See you soon!


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I'm Heidi, the creator and owner of Desert 2 District Design. I moved to D.C. in 2015 after spending most of my life in Arizona. I absolutely love D.C., but found myself a little homesick and missing some of my favorite desert plants (cacti, of course), the endless sunshine, and the laid-back vibes of the Southwest, so I started painting as a way to unwind and to bring some of the desert to my new home. It's been almost a year since I started my Instagram account, and I've been so surprised and grateful to find this beautiful and supportive community of artists and art lovers. 

If you know me from Instagram, you probably know that I love to paint (mostly watercolor), letter, bullet journal, and collage. I'm hoping to share more of my art here, but to also share more of myself--my love of travel, reading, cooking delicious vegan food, and yoga. 

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