art process


MURALS II Shaw Yoga Mural Timelapse

A timelapse of the mural I painted for Shaw Yoga in Washington, D.C. The design is original, designed by me in collaboration with the owners.

I’m finally back to the blog after a few months away and I’m excited to share the process for one of my biggest projects to date—my mural for Shaw Yoga!

Now, this timelapse video is definitely not perfect. I had a snafu with my iPad and the longest video of the first part of the mural was deleted, but it’s still really fun to see this come to life. It’s amazing how over 15 hours of work can be condensed into just 3 minutes!

A few huge thank yous to those who made this happen:

  • To Parker and Liz of Shaw Yoga, thank you so much for this opportunity and for being the most wonderful collaborators! It was a joy to work on this with you both!

  • To my very sweet husband (who makes several appearances in this video) for spotting me on the ladder, bringing me food, water, a million other things I forgot, and keeping me company late at night.

  • My wonderful friend Raynie who came and took progress photos of me!

  • All of you for following along as this project took shape! It has been especially amazing to see so many of you visiting the studio and taking photos with the mural.

I learned so much from this mural and am really hoping to paint more this year. If you have a project in mind, please hit me up! Rates start at $500 (varies based on complexity and size).

P.S. Tomorrow evening, Parker will be choosing the three winners of our joint giveaway. Follow along on Instagram to see if it’s you!